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Natalio Sued
Combining years of experience into a single voice: Guillermo Celano and Natalio Sued present their new album as a duo, exploring the richness of improvisation and composition in an intimate and dynamic environment.

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by Guillermo Celano-Natalio Sued

1. Todo 
2. Nada 
3. Canción
4. Martín
5. Algo
6. Melodía
7. Primo
8. Zamba Satie
9. Juntos Solos

"After playing together in many other bands for over 20 years we decided it was time to set up a duo. The connection and interaction, the intimacy and variety of dynamics one can reach within this setting is hard to get with bigger groups. Soon enough we realized that we seem to speak the same language also while improvising. This sort of gift combined with original compositions gives to the duo a large palette full of different colors and possibilities.

Human existence is saturated with opposites, from the day and night that shelter it, to the life and death that shape it. Perhaps it is due to this natural antagonism that, in each of us, to a greater or lesser extent, contradiction nests. Endowed with individuality, we are unfailingly obliged to share it in society. Our lives, then, take place in two well-defined worlds: within what we collectively agree to call reality, and in our own minds.The compositions of "A PLACE IN TIME" explore that ambiguous and diffused terrain that exists between the concrete and the abstract, between the unit and plurality, between the written and the improvised. The musical result is a wide range of chiaroscuros that entails a reply to unanswered questions: how to dissolve the resistance that the present exerts on the past? How to locate our place in time?"
Natalio Sued

released January 30, 2023

Natalio Sued: clarinet, bass clarinet
Guillermo Celano: electric guitar

All music composed by Natalio Sued

Recorded September 9 and 10, 2021 at Tracking Room, Amsterdam
Engineered by Hans Koomans
Mixed and Mastered by Dirk Hoogland
Cover Art and Design by Ramiro Peralta
Producer: Koshkil Records (Madrid)

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