We are proud to be an organization by musicians for musicians. Thousands of people like to help us defend this project for everyone. We depend on a large percentage of the donation to carry out this mission of open and free promotion of events and artists. If you want, you can support us in this effort to promote musicians, art and culture in general. Your collaboration will help us to continue growing in these first steps that we are taking. Everything helps.
Thank you so much!

Here are some technological improvements that we have made and enhanced in ToneApp thanks to your donations.

  • Development of ToneAppStore.com: We are working on the development of ToneAppStore.com, a platform where jazz artists from Amsterdam who do not have a record label can sell their music and generate profits.
  • Increased presence on social networks: We have intensified our efforts on social media, generating relevant and high-quality content to promote Amsterdam's jazz artists. Additionally, we are working on managing negative comments, bots, and maintaining a well-curated community.
  • Enhancement of application functionalities: We are constantly adding new features to the ToneApp application to improve user experience and facilitate connections between jazz musicians and their local audience.
  • Expansion of the musician database: We are actively searching for new jazz musicians to join our platform and expand the promotion of their music through ToneApp.
  • Improvement of server infrastructure: We are investing in higher-capacity and higher-performance servers to host our website, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.
  • Implementation of a commenting and rating system: We are working on integrating a commenting and rating system into the profiles of jazz musicians, allowing users to share their opinions and recommend their favorite artists.
  • Development of an advanced event calendar: We are enhancing our event calendar to provide a more comprehensive and detailed view of jazz concerts and events in Amsterdam, including additional information such as schedules, locations, and artist details.
  • Integration of data analytics tools: We are implementing data analytics tools to better understand user behavior and market trends, enabling us to tailor our promotion strategies and improve the user experience.
  • Platform security enhancements: We are strengthening the security of ToneApp by implementing additional measures to protect user privacy and prevent potential cyber attacks.
  • International expansion: We are working to expand the presence of ToneApp beyond Amsterdam, connecting jazz musicians from other cities and countries and promoting cultural exchange through music.
  • These technical and technological improvements are made possible thanks to the support and donations from contributors, allowing us to continue promoting and supporting the jazz community in Amsterdam. We sincerely appreciate everyone who has contributed to making these enhancements possible and sharing the music of Amsterdam with the world.
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