Undercurrent Orchestra is a new collective of acclaimed musicians from the Amsterdam music scene.Melodically straight from the heart and rhythmically refined, the collective plays a musical commentary on the past 'Corona year' this evening. The compelling compositions speak of fear and hope, boredom and inspiration, sadness and joy. The strong interaction between the members of the Orchestra produces exciting music that will not leave you untouched.The cinematic music pieces are composed by Iman Spaargaren. Dreamy soundscapes, solid grooves and flaming improvisations create a strong story in multiple layers.17 December 2021 the debut album 'Everything Seems Different' has been released on Zennez Records label.

(Netherlands, Argentina, Norway) featuring Iman Spaargaren - tenor saxophone, (bass)clarinet / Annie Tngberg - cello / Gerard Kleijn - trumpet / Joost Buis - trombone / Guillermo Celano - guitar / Marcos Baggiani - drums

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5/2/2023 1:24:53 AM EERSTV0LGENDE CONCERT: 6 mei - PlusEtage
Undercurrent Orchestra plays music from the album Everything Seems Different + Read More
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