Jerboah is as adventurous as it is addictive. With influences from free jazz, 90s pop to alternative rock, these four musical explorers weave political consciousness with a hefty dose of humour into their songwriting.

Jerboah have taken stages by storm such as Melkweg Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw van 't IJ Amsterdam, de Doelen Rotterdam, Oostpoorrt Groningen, the Platzhirsch Festival DE, Cross-Linx Festival NL, and Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht. They won the 'Talen boven water' prize at the Grachtenfestival 2016, and had a documentary made about them with VPRO Vrije Geluiden.

After a lockdown-hibernation, Jerboah burst back onto stages in 2021 with a plethora of new songs, supported by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund and SENA Funds.

Sarah Jeffery: recorders, vocals
Dod? Kis: EWI, recorders, vocals
Guillermo Celano: guitar
Marcos Baggiani: drums, vocals

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6/7/2022 2:21:23 PM Jerboah at De Tanker in Noord
Sunday 12 June, 2022 + Read More
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"The good mood built an anarchistic force that was transmitted to the audience, cheering and clapping their hands to fetching refrains. Hilarious and joyful songs" - RP Online (DE)Our new favourite band // Moulettes (UK)

"Soldaten uit de muzikale frontlinie" - Floris Kortie, Grachtenfestival

"The high point of Gaudemaus Muziekweek" - Concertzender Nederland

Het optreden van Jerboah past in het rijtje van ‘meest bijzondere optredens in de RPL studio’s ooit’. - Podium 107.1

"Possibly this is what the traffic intersection of the future looks like: All possible kinds of vehicles on the road, no traffic lights, no guardrails, no speed limit - and no accidents! ... little aliens driving by on the highways of Avant-garde and Anarchy. Recorders rock! Such energy!" - Gnter Moseler - Wedtflische Nachrichten

"The audience was surprised in the beginning, nearly not believing that this instrumentation could be so powerful. Jerboah is an example of practised and musical biodiversity. This is how recorders can sound like" - Sieben48 (DE)

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